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Many thanks to Amelia M. Toombs for this Beautiful Artwork for the Garden Web Ring

The Garden Web Ring

Welcome to the Garden Web Ring. What is a webring? What is the purpose of the Gardening Web Ring? It's purpose is to create a ring of gardening www sites - worldwide. A Webring is a way to group pages of similar content together. Every ring has a "next" button. If one pushes this button, it takes you to the next page on the ring. If you hit the "next" button enough times, you'll wind up back where you began. To see this in action, try navigating the Garden Web Ring links at the bottom of this page. Or to learn more about webrings in general, click on the Webring logo at the bottom.

The purpose of the ring is to bring together pages related to gardening. If you have such a page, be it information, photos, or garden club or association information, please join!

Non-commercial sites only, please.

For a webring about transforming the Internet, please see:

  • Fill out the form below. This will place you in the queue of sites waiting to get into the ring.

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    1. You will receive an e-mail containing your unique ID, e-mail and site title.
    2. There is a reduced version of the code at the bottom of this page.
    3. Copy this code and paste it into your page.
    4. Return to this Home page and save the ".gif" files containing the graphic parts of the ring badge. To do that, place the cursor on the image and hit the RIGHT mouse button. Choose "save as" from the mini-menu that appears. Save the graphic file logo
    5. Place the two graphic files in the same directory as your ring-approved page.
    6. E-Mail us your request for addition to the ring. In your message, include:
      • Name of the ring: Gardening Webring
      • Your site's URL
      • Your site's Title
      • Your e-mail
      • Name of the contact person
    7. We will check out your site and add it to the ring. As soon as your site is added, you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the addition.
    8. If you move, change your site name etc., you can edit your site's information by filling out the following form:

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    If you get lost, e-mail us for assistance. If you ask for assistance, please indicate your e-mail, URL, unique ID and a full title of the approved site. After you paste the code on your page it will look something like this:

    Garden Webring Next site
    This Garden Webring site is owned by Sam Smith.
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    Want to join the ring? Click here for info.

    The HTML code to be inserted into your site, *must* be there before you are added to the ring..The computer checks for it. If you need help with the code we will be happy to email you the correct one for your site id.

    <!--The Garden Web Ring small-version HTML code starts here-->
    <font size=-1>
    <a href="">The Garden WebRing
    <a href=" site id goes here-&next">Next site
    [ <a href=" site id goes here---&next">Next Page</a>
    | <a href=" site id goes here--&skip">Skip It</a>
    | <a href="">Random site</a> ]
    <!--The Garden WebRing short-version HTML code ends here-->

    The WebRing Showcase!

    Once your site is added to The Garden Webring, grab yourself some free exposure by submitting your site to the WebRing Showcase.

    Each week a new group of WebRing pages are showcased and visitors given the opportunity to vote for their favorite sites. The Showcase is closed (and a new one opened) Monday mornings at 2:00 AM. The top 25 entries for past Showcases are archived.

    Nominate your site, or other favorite WebRing sites, using the form below, or go directly to the WebRing Showcase! where you can also vote.

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